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The sunrise alarm clock works with the aid of lighting: a mimicked sun rays. Biologically, the body performs the best activities when the body is aware of the atmosphere and surrounding lights. The same applies to the sunrise alarm clock and differentiates it from other traditional alarm clocks in the world today. This kind of alarm clock is suitable for everyone since the system of operations is scientifically backed up. By definition, the sunrise alarm clock, also called wake-up light, influences the sleep cycle by dawn simulation. How do the sunrise alarm clock work and aid perfect sleep?




Does the sunrise alarm clock really work?


Light from the sunrise alarm clock focuses on the eyelids; it dims/brightens gradually for over 30 minutes based on the configuration. The light brightness initiates the wake-up cycle, and when it teaches the highest glow, the user wakes up naturally. Although many other things are hidden from "just a light and sleep" illustration, this is the biological significance associated with a sunrise alarm.


For better understanding, "why do you wake up in the morning after a long night's sleep?" Although some have a malfunctioning sleeping cycle, an average individual wakes up automatically. The same "human sleep cycle" explains how a sunrise alarm clock works. First, the alarm system is adjustable with 20 - 60 minutes flexible time intervals. During the breaks, the light rays accumulate and create a "morning atmosphere," especially a dawn-like.


Cortisol is a "stress hormone" secreted early in the morning. The hormone's significance includes a primary mode for daily activities; this is why we often feel relieved and strengthened after a long deep sleep. Hormonal regulation is among the biological significance of the "sunrise alarm." Unlike the traditional alarming system, the sunrise alarm informs the body before waking the user. It is essential to prepare for day-to-day operations by having enough hormonal secretions; cortisol ensures this, and sunrise alarm permits abundant secretions.


Since the body is adapted to a style called "sleeping cycle," each individual develops varying sleep cycles which are essential to the application of sunrise alarm. The alarm clock operates based on your sleep cycle. Sunrise confines to your sleeping mode by gradually increasing the light brightness so that users wake without a need for loud noise. This explains the sleep cycle and wake cycle. The alarm system balances the sleep cycle with the wake cycle by hitting the eyelids with light rays early enough to initiate the wake circle.


The lighting system initiates the secretions of cortisol and induces the "sleeping hormone" — melatonin. The sunrise alarm clock readily prepares the body, and react to artificial light since the circadian system is closely tuned to the natural glow. Thus, the alarm clock does not work on the mechanical application alone but scientifically-based, specifically hormonal and circadian controls.




The 3 best  sunrise alarm clocks

All sunrise alarm clocks perform the same function. Many of these deliver differently. Thus, it is mandatory to know each of the sunrise alarm clocks: settings, customization, and designs.


1. HeimVision A80S

HeimVision A80S is an aiding tool, aside from the alarm properties. Specifically, the alarm clock aids an easy sleeping mood for both adults and kids. HeimVision A80S uses sunset simulations to regular sleep and sleeping cycle. The alarm clock regulates from sunrise to sunset. Meaning, users can program the alarm clock to create a morning setup or night mood—the brightness aid leisurely wake-up from a deep sleep after specific hormonal regulations and completed sleep cycle. Also, the tool permits an easy "fall asleep mood" by dimming the light to create a night environment. The body senses the dark settings and stimulates high secretions of melatonin (sleep hormone) to initiate the sleep cycle. Upon the secretion, the body activities reduce, which includes metabolism and heartbeats. All of these contribute to comfortable sleep, even at an insomniac level.


HeimVision A80S has voice control, specifically Google voice and Amazon Alexa. The two voice permits easy usage and expands excellent functionality. Both Google Voice and Amazon Alexa support multiple smart devices. A single work controls the alarm clock; thus, it is usable by kids and seniors, even those with limited mobility. The alarm clock has seven types of alarm sounds, including an FM radio. The sound clocks include beep, ocean, bird, stream, wind bell, soft, and plane. The sound is not the main waking or sleeping factor; it reinforces the lighting settings, which permits the sleeping and waking of the users.


Lastly, HeimVision has a snooze function. This enables users to create multiple settings up to four alarm settings. The alarm clock is controlled via a smart device — mobile or desktop. Thus, the program application is easy to set, and also voice control specifically increases the soft functions.


2. Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 

Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 is a portable alarm clock built for ease of usage. The alarm settings include those that refresh the body and improve the user's health. Specifically, the alarm clock is a clinically proven therapy material proven to work in its best state, following over 20 years of developing alarm clocks.


Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 has smart functions like reading lamps and waking/sleeping lights. The smart device regulates between a reading lamp and other lamps when it is taped.


The main goal for Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 is to make users wake refreshed and energized. This is possible with 10 brightness settings. The brightness is designed according to the user's mood. The body needs the morning light at dawn, promoting cortisol secretions that ensure sound readiness for daily activities. While the light performs its functions, the sound gradually increases in volume to complete the waking cycle. Although the alarm clock uses an alarming system, it is different from the typical sounds noticed in other alarm clocks. Unlike other traditional alarm clocks, Philips SmartSleep HF3500/60 stimulates the body for secretions and readily prepares the body for daily tasks before the sound reinforces the wake cycle.


Lastly, the light moves from yellow to bright yellow at the wake-up mood. Yellow is a bright color; it increases activeness and healthiness. Thus, the alarm system is built around this color, even if it is the same light that functions as a reading lamp for users.



3. HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is a digital alarm clock with 6 color switch suitable for the bedroom setup. The digital clock comes with F.M radio of varying frequencies that support your mood. On the quality and simulation control, the alarm clock is perfect for a deep sleeper.


Another critical aspect is touch control. Unlike the famous alarm clock, it doesn't have to be handled necessary with powers; the touch control is responsive with snooze function. HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock back view is flat, equipped with a high-quality speaker. Aside from the touch control, it has over 7 keys: a dual touch and key functions.


A key increases the brightness; although sun simulation regulates the sunrise/sunset settings. Meaning, the users can make direct changes to the device. The snooze button is at the central, easy to access with a "5 times" snooze option. The general view is portable; thus, HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock takes minimal percentage of your desk and give the best sun simulation that promotes easy sleep and waking up.



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