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If you are looking for the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR, HM245 is definitely a great option. This article will introduce the best DVR wireless surveillance camera system, the HeimVision HM245. Before learning more about its features, advantages and setup, let’s start with DVR.



What is DVR?  


A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the device that's responsible for recording video footage in a security camera system. You may equate it to the CPU, the central processing unit of the surveillance system.


Before you go shopping for a security camera device, you will need to compare the two types: the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or the Network Video Recorder (NVR).


They do the same thing but differ in how and what camera is used. The DVR uses analog cameras, while the NVR uses IP cameras.


The DVR is beneficial in numerous ways. Firstly, it's budget-friendly; it doesn't break your pocket. Furthermore, it produces clear images of the environment you want to monitor and has a quick setup process. What else do you want?



Merits of Heimvison HM245


The Heimvison HM245 is an outdoor wireless security camera system that uses DVR. This system has attracted numerous positive reviews thanks to the features and benefits it arrives with. In all, you can ensure to watch your home from anywhere using the HM245. Here are the various features you stand to enjoy from the HM245



1. Motion Detection Plus e-mail alert: If there's any quick, unusual activity around your home, the HM245 will detect, capture, and instantly send snapshots as notification to your mail. So, you can be conscious of what's happening around your house.


2. Face and Human Shape Detection: there's no need to worry about the HM245 sending out false alarms because it won't do that. This fantastic camera system can detect both human shape and face, after which it'll take a screenshot and immediately inform you.


3. Video Loss Alert: If there are any hindrances to the system, probably is its powered off, or the device can't record, the HM245 will send you e-mail notifications so you can fix the problem in no time!


4. IP66 Waterproof Camera: whether it's raining, snowing, or there's intense heat during the day, you can rest assured that not even a slight damage will happen to the HM245 thanks to the IP66 waterproof nature.


5. Infrared Clear Day/Night Vision: one of the peculiarities about the HM245 is that it allows you to see objects and movements at night. The great part is that it does this automatically! Once it’s night, the camera will immediately turn its infrared mode for night vision.


6. Flexible Remote Coverage: there are no limitations while using the HM245. You can watch your environment no matter where you are thanks to the different remote coverage methods which permit you to use a phone or PC.


7. Easy to setup: you'll be forgiven if you do think that setting up the HM245 will be difficult; it's actually a breeze! No complicated process; everything's all easy!


8. Privacy protection & Video Block alert: Do you want to stop monitoring some areas in the camera view? You've got no qualms as you can easily set up privacy protection, and you're good to go!



Setting Up the HeimVision HM245


Your HM245 box will arrive with the following: 4 screws for cameras, four 1080P AHD camera, two power adapters, a USB mouse, power cable splitter, Ethernet cable, screw for the hard drive, and a quick guide.


  • Follow these quick steps to set up the device: Connect the DVR system to a power outlet using the power adapter provided;
  • Fix the mouse into the DVR through the USB port;
  • Connect the DVR to your monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable;
  • Connect the router to the DVR using the Ethernet cable;
  • Then, connect the four yellow video cables to the DVR video input;
  • Plug the 2-in-1 power cable into each of the four cameras;
  • Then power on the camera by connecting the red power cable to the cable splitter;
  • Finally, attach the four cameras to the places you want to monitor, walls, ceilings, etc. Please don't put them in close range because the base gives it a 360-degree coverage;

Now, everything’s all set. You’re good to go!



Using the HeimVision HM245


One of the things that set the HM245 as the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR is its flexible coverage. Follow these quick steps to begin watching your property from your convenience:


1. Head over to Playstore on android or Appstore on iPhone, search, and install the XMeye application. If you decide to view via PC or Laptop, then install the VMS software.


2. A login screen will show up. Beneath the “other ways login," click "local login."


3. Add your camera system by clicking the plus button at the top right corner of the screen that pops up.


4. Go ahead to fill in your device name and Serial ID, and proceed to set the username and password of your choice.


5. Next, click the "start preview" at the bottom of the page, and voila, everything's ready! You can now visually check your home from anywhere you are!



Final Words


Are you searching for the best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR without breaking the bank? Then get the HeimVision HM245, a high-quality device that can track your property from anywhere!


Not only does this camera system monitor your house, but it also gives instant warnings and produces clear images, even at night! We can't fully determine how fantastic this device is going to be for you. So, we propose that you try it out yourself and enjoy the wonders of this durable surveillance system!




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