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Do you know Ring video doorbell? It is one of the giants in the video doorbell industry. The Company is now owned by Amazon and you can guess that their products are great. They have some amazing video doorbells in their lineup. Some of these products include Ring video doorbell, Ring wired video doorbell, Ring video doorbell 3, and Ring video doorbell pro.


We will be putting the spotlight on some of the video doorbells from Ring. We will be highlighting their features, disadvantages, etc. Moreover, we will also be writing about their alternatives such as HeimVision. We promise that this will be a good read, so, kindly continue reading as we unfold.




Video Doorbells From Ring


We mentioned some of the video doorbells from Ring. Now, we will be giving you a breakdown of each one by telling you about their features, what you stand to gain from using them, and their disadvantages.


1. Ring Video Doorbell Wired


Ring Video Doorbell Wired is a wired video doorbell just like its name suggests. Installation of this video doorbell can be stressful if you do not have existing doorbell wiring. But if you do, then you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, it comes with the necessary tool kits for installation.  

One key feature of this video doorbell is how clear its videos are. It features a 1080p HD video viewing that ensures that you see all the videos it records clearly. Furthermore, its night vision has a sharp contrast that ensures that you do not miss any details at night. It also has a 2-way talk feature that allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door with ease.

Its motion detector also notifies you when it senses movements at your door which is great. Finally, it is Alexa compatible.



  • It does not work with existing door chimes.
  • Installation might take more time than expected.
  • It doesn’t support batteries.


2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro


Ring Video Doorbell Pro is Ring’s upgraded and advanced wired video doorbell. Its features are far superior to the Ring wired video doorbell. First, just like the latter, it has a 1080p HD video that allows you to see your front door clearly. What it does better than the Ring video doorbell is that its night vision is colored. It also has a sharper contrast that ensures that recorded night videos are as clear as possible.

Since it is wired, you can hardwire it to your existing video doorbell. Furthermore, it sends you notifications when it senses motion at your doorstep. With this, no movement at your doorstep will go unnoticed. Its two-way audio feature also allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door through the app.

Again, it is Alexa compatible. Besides, it also has a built-in Alexa greeting feature that automatically greets anybody that stops by. However, this is exclusive to the Ring Protect Plan.



  • It doesn’t support batteries
  • Installation might be tedious


3. Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)


The Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen) is our least favorite video doorbell from Ring. It has a 720p HD video viewing and you might have guessed, it has the least video quality. Yet, this should serve you enough. However, we like that it supports both batteries and wiring. In light of this, you get to choose which one suits you better.

Also, its two-way audio feature allows you to speak with whoever is at the door through your phone. Its motion detector also allows you to adjust its sensitivity to choose the one that best suits your home. Finally, if you are wondering if it is compatible with Alexa, good news; it is.



  • It only has a 720p HD video view
  • The night vision looks hazy sometimes


4. Ring Video Doorbell 3


Ring Video Doorbell 3 is an upgrade on the Ring Video doorbell 2. It has a 1080p HD video view that ensures you see every recorded video clearly. Furthermore, it has an improved motion detection system for which you can set 'detection range' for. You also get to receive alerts when someone presses your doorbell or when someone comes close to the motion detection zone.

Besides, its two-way audio feature with noise cancellation helps you converse with people at your doorstep smoothly. Installation of the video doorbell is also easy as you have the choice of either using rechargeable batteries or connecting it with existing doorbell wires. It also has a 160-degree field of view that allows you to see the front of your door clearly. Finally, like the other Ring video doorbells, it is also Alexa compatible.



  • Network connectivity issues without the Ring Chime Pro
  • The field of view should be 180 degrees




Ring Subscription


Ring has 2 subscription plans which are Ring Protect Basic, and Ring Protect Plus plan. Here’s the breakdown of the two plans.


Ring Protect Basic Plan

Ring protect basic plan goes for $3 a month and $30 a year which allows you to save up to $6 yearly. The Ring Protect basic plan covers only one video doorbell. You get some basic features like motion-activated alerts, real-time video view, two-way talk, and theft protection. You also get a 60-day video history, video saving and sharing, snapshot sharing, and people-only mode. In general, you are getting good value for your money with this plan.


Ring Protect Plus Plan

Ring protect plus plan has all the features of the basic plan. You get a two-way talk feature, theft protection, motion-activated alerts, real-time video view, 60-day video history, video saving, etc. You also get some other features that are exclusive to the plus plan which are Alexa guard plus, 24/7 professional monitoring for ring alarm, and an extended warranty. Lest we forget, the plan covers all the Ring devices at your home.




Alternatives For Ring Video Doorbell


Now that we’ve talked about some of the Ring video doorbells, it is only great to talk about alternatives in case you are not impressed.


Greets 1 Smart Video Doorbell


The Greets 1 Smart Video Doorbell is an amazing product from Heimvision. It has some great features. Check them out below:

Key Features

  • IP65 waterproofing
  • PIR human motion and human detection sensors
  • Comes with a 9600mAh rechargeable battery
  • 166° wider view angle
  • 1080p FHD image and clear night vision


Nest Hello Video Doorbell


Nest Hello Video Doorbell is another great alternative to the Ring doorbell. Below are some of its major features.

Key Features

  • It is wired
  • 160° field of view
  • It has facial recognition
  • 2-way audio
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible


Arlo AVD1001B-100NAS Essential Video Doorbell


Arlo has some great video doorbells from their stable and this is also one to check out.

Key Features

  • 180° field of view
  • 2-way audio
  • Weather-resistant
  • Motion detection



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