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HeimVision A60C Music Wake Up Light, Sunrise Digital Alarm Clock

Colored Sunrise Simulation/9 Modes Wireless Speaker/6 Nature Sounds/Sleep Aid Nature Sounds/Music Mode/Atmosphere Mode/Adjustable Display Brightness/Considerate Snooze Function/Bedside Lamp or Night Light


A60C Smart Digital Sunrise Alarm Clock

Early to Bed and Early to Rise with Soft and Sweet-sounding Music

  • Wireless Speaker

  • Atomosphere Music Light

  • Snooze Function

  • Adjustable Display Brightness

Bright Your Every Morning Gently and Softly

The light plays an important role in waking your body up in the morning. A60C sunrise alarm clock will gradually get brighter and brighter within the 10 minutes before your preset wake-up time in a gentle way so that you won't feel disturbed at all and wake up to the fresh morning in a relaxing mood.

  • A60C
  • Alarm clock

Still Drowsy and Not Ready For Another Day of Sun? Relax and Snooze for a While!

Getting up could be difficult for some people, especially in the winter season. A60C sunrise alarm clock comes with the "Snooze" function and you only need to gently tap any button on the alarm side to enjoy another 9 minutes of sweet sleeping.

Multiple Modes for Different Moods in the Morning

With advanced algorithm, HM245 can detect motions of human thus reducing false alarms and sending alerts more precisely.

Natural Sounds Accompany You to Wake Up/Fall Asleep

Four 1080P cameras make the picture quality clear & crisp. The enhanced night vision of up to 65ft adds security to the nighty night.

Adjustable Display Brightness for Different Scenarios

The right light intensity can help protect our eyes. A60C is not only an alarm clock but also a bedside lamp or night light and you can adjust a personal comfort level of the light to meet your different needs when reading, breastfeeding or sleeping.


Sunrise simulation:


Sunset Simulation:


Wireless speaker:


Music atmosphere light:


Snooze function:


Natural alarm sounds:


Alarm setting:


FM radio:


Controlled by APP:


Product dimensions:

5.5 x 5.4 x 5.3 inches

item weight:

1.04 pounds


Can I pair the wake-up light with more than one device at the same time?

No,the wake-up light can only pair with one device at a time.

Why can't I select my desired ringing sound for alarm clock?

An exclusive sound has been preloaded for the alarm and cannot be charged.

Can I set the light dimming gradually for Sleep Aid?

The wake-up light doesn't support gradual dimming.

Can my alarm work when I turn on wireless connection and play music?

Yes, the alarm will ring on time.

Can my alarm work if I turn off the wake-up light?

No, the alarm will not ring when the wake-up light is off.

Can I set multiple alarms?

No, you can only set one alarm for your wake-up light.

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