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Unlike many traditional security systems, HM241 is very easy to start. In this page, we’re going to have a fresh start of it. 



Before starting our process, you should prepare those stuff: 

  • HM241 NVR Kit (NVR, 4 IP Cameras, 5 Power Adapters, 1 Mouse).  

  • A monitor, its power cable & HDMI/VGA cable.  

  • A PowerStrip (more than 6-outlet).



      * Don’t forget to fasten the antennas of the IP cameras.




      Electrical Connection

      This step is to get all your devices connected to electricity so that we can move on to the next step. 

      • Plug the NVR in with the 12V/2A power adapter.

      • Plug the monitor in with its power adapter.

      • Plug the IP cameras in with the 12V/1A power adapters. 


      Starting NVR System

      • Connect the NVR and the monitor with the HDMI/VGA cable.

      • Connect the mouse and the NVR

      • See whether the monitor can show the live feed from the cameras


        Operating on Mobile Device

        This step is to bind HM241 NVR System to a HeimKits account, enabling you to have a look on your home on mobile devices. The NVR must be Internet connected so that you can access and operate it on your phone.

        • Download HeimKits and register an account .

        • Log in to HeimKits and tap + on the upper right corner or in the center.

        • Tap Kit and choose the scanned device.  

        • Input the password if you set one (skip it if not) and tap Complete.  

        • Tap play icon to enter the menu page and the live feed shows.


        Other Tips  

        After the NVR system started, you can choose where to mount the IP cameras. Here are some tips for you:

        • The IP cameras need power cable while working so please make sure that the places you  choose to mount have access to electricity. 
        • Please keep your NVR away from devices (microwave oven, radio, TV, etc.) that may interfere the connection between the NVR and the IP cameras.
        • If you want to record videos from the IP cameras, a 3.5” SATA HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is needed, which is NOT INCLUDED in HM241 NVR Kit.


          Hope this could be of help. If you need a systematic surveillance system for your home security, check here to get to know more about HM241. 

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