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Do you meet animals very often? Do you have pets in your home? If yes, what are the animals doing usually?

Recently, we’ve received some funny video clips from HeimVision camera users. Let’s have a look at them.


 Cat: Why am I having my lunch with this stupid dog!

Dog: It’s lunch time again!



I’m the fiercest tiger dashing down the mountain!



What a good sunny day it is to be hanging out with you.



It’s late in the night, I’ll go back to sleep after doing some stretches.


 Huh! This thing is interesting, let me have a check


Why are we standing here???


This place is so comfortable. Oh! Jeff sees me, I gotta go.


These videos are nothing but some normal activities of your pets. However, when you look back at these videos someday in the future, they are the most precious memories. Start to record your daily life with your pets now with HeimVision cameras.


HM203 1080PHM302 3MP HD  HMD2 1080PHM211 1080P



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